I am an Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Copenhagen (2019–). Previously, I was a post-doc at New York University's Social Media and Political Participation (SMaPP) Lab (2017–19), and I completed my PhD in political science at the University of Toronto (2018). My research lies at the intersection of political behavior, public opinion, social media, and statistical methodology.

I am also a partner at Vox Pop Labs—a civic technology and public opinion research firm. We work with media organizations (e.g. Wall Street Journal, Sky News UK, CBC, ABC) to provide civic engagement applications to promote political and social science literacy. We are best known for Vote Compass, an application used by millions of voters in recent elections.


Peer-reviewed articles

Does International Terrorism affect Public Attitudes toward Refugees? Evidence from a Large-scale Natural Experiment
Conditionally accepted. The Journal of Politics.
(with Charles Breton)

Measuring Uncertainty about Candidate Ideology: An Application to US Presidential Elections
Forthcoming. The Journal of Politics.
(with Peter Loewen)
Replication data

Presidential Greatness in a Polarized Era: Results from the Latest Presidential Greatness Survey
Forthcoming. PS: Political Science & Politics.
(with Brandon Rottinghaus and Justin S. Vaughn)

Cross-Platform State Propaganda: Russian Trolls on Twitter and YouTube during the 2016 US Presidential Election
Forthcoming. The International Journal of Press/Politics.
(with Yevgeniy Golovchenko, Cody Buntain, Megan Brown, and Joshua Tucker)

How Many People Live in Political Bubbles on Social Media? Evidence from Linked Survey and Twitter Data.
2019. SAGE Open, January-March: 1-21.
(with Jonathan Nagler, Andrew Guess, Joshua Tucker, and Jan Zilinsky)

Statistical Analysis of Misreporting on Sensitive Survey Questions.
2017. Political Analysis, 25 (2): 241-259.
Replication data | Statistical software | Software vignette

Recent public writing

Trying to understand Jeff Flake? We analyzed his Twitter feed — and were surprised
2018. Washington Post (Monkey Cage), October 5.
(with Jan Zilinsky, Jonathan Nagler, and Joshua Tucker)

Comparing Trump to the greatest—and the most polarizing—presidents in US history
2018. Brookings, March 20.
(with Brandon Rottinghaus, and Justin S. Vaughn)


Statistical software

News-sharing Ideology from Social Media Link Data

Software vignette | Article in popular press | Academic manuscripts in progress

Statistical Analysis of Misreporting on Sensitive Survey Questions

Software vignette | Academic article

Vox Pop Labs

Vox Pop Labs is a political engagement and public opinion research firm that brings social science to the public through civic education applications. Our partners include Vox.com, the Wall Street Journal, Sky News (UK), the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), RTL (Germany), France 24, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), and TV New Zealand. Vox Pop Labs' most popular application, Vote Compass, has been used by tens of millions of voters, providing them with information about the positions of the political parties on a wide array of issues.


  gregory.eady can be contacted @ifs.ku.dk or @gmail.com


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